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Haylei Bos
Born and raised in Wesley Chapel, Haylei Bos began dancing at the age of four. In her early years of dancing, she gained experience by performing in the community and competing around the state. She also joined a modern dance company at the age of sixteen. During her high school years, she received awards from competitions for “most believable performance” and through Song and Dance for “Senior Choreographer of the Year” and “Dancer of the Year”. In addition to dancing, Haylei was a competitive cheerleader throughout her middle and high school years. Her team won both state and national championships, and she served as team captain for two years. While pursuing her degree at the University of South Florida, Haylei received extensive training in acting and print work modeling. Since graduating with honors and her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, Haylei has worked as a teacher for Pasco County Schools. She continues to further her dance education by attending competitions and conventions around the state. She greatly enjoys teaching at Song and Dance where her passions for dancing and teaching children come together.

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All ages
55 Min. Class Lyrical dance is a cross between Ballet and Jazz techniques, involving telling a story with movement to lyrics of the music. Expression and fluid movements make this form of dance fun for ballet and jazz students alike. One year of Ballet training is a pre-requisite for admittance into this class.

Lyrical Classes