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ALL Fee's For Recital

  • $50 Recital Participation Fee which includes Recital T-Shirt with performers names
  • Costume Cost Ranges between $55-$75

           (You Keep Costume) $40 deposit due by Feb 1   

  • Tights for costume 

           (ranges between $12-15 per pair)

  • Proper shoes for costume and dance


  • Recital Individual Portraits
  • Group/Class Portraits
  • Trophy or Medal for your Performer


#1  June 1st

Dress Rehearsal 1

  INFO:      Place: Held at Studio                 

      Time: Act 1 starts at 9am
                 Act 2 starts at 2pm

(To Find Out What Act you are in Click HERE)

What You Need To Do: Come in your 1st Costume & Make-up on Click Here For Make-Up Info.

Hair should be up and out of your face. (Any hair style is allowed Except Down). Make sure you have your tights and all pieces to your costume. If you have multiple dances changing areas are provided. Group Pictures will be taken directly after dancing. After you/your child is done dancing you are free to go.

#2June 7th

 Dress Rehearsal 2
 INFO:      Place: Held at Armwood High School 

                        Time: Act 1 begins at 9am

    Finale practice (both Act 1 & Act 2) will start at    approximately 1pm ... Act 2 will begin after Finale

What You Need To Do: Come in your 1st Costume & Make-up on. Find assigned seats in Auditorium. Wait for announcements. If you have quick changes bring your costume to the stage.  We will run dances in show order to figure out all kinks before our show. Be patient. Act 1 must wait until 1pm to leave. We rehearse the finale between Act 1 and Act 2. If you are in Act 2 you can leave after you dance.  Leave costumes at school set for the next day.

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Would you like to buy an AD for your dancer in the 2018 Recital Program?

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Song and Dance Inc.
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2018 Dance Portrait Day 

Our Professional Dance Photographer, Eric Ilasenko Photo, returns to Song and Dance on Friday and Sunday, May 31st and 2nd ONLY to create keepsake Individual Dance Portraits of your favorite little dance star shining brightly! No charge sitting, and 2-week no obligation online proofs.

*By appointment ONLY. Stop by office to reserve your time.

Costume Pick-Up Day's

Friday May 17th from  5:30-7:30pm

Saturday May 18th from 9:30am-12:30pm


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June 8th and June 9th at 2pm

​​Armwood High School

1200 US Highway 92

Tampa, FL 33584


Tickets may be purchased in advance at Song and Dance or at the venue the day of the show starting May 1st

Recital Practice CD's can be purchased for $1 at front Office

Julie McPheron, Owner  
Darcy Marocki, Director

Susan Riley, Operations Manager

Lisa Ponce, Office Staff
Linda Acklin, Office Staff

Melissa Truce, Office Staff
Danielle Kennedy, Snazzy Dancewear Manager

Darlene Reid, After School Coordinator

#3 & 4June 8th and 9th

Recital Day 1 & 2

 INFO:      Place: Held at Armwood High School
             Time: Performers Arrive @ 1:00pm

                Show Starts @ 2:00pm

What You Need To Do: Come in 1st Costume & Make-up on. Check your child in at the check-in desk. The same parent who checks the child in has to check them out. Once performer is checked in, you CANNOT check them out until the end of the show. All Performers MUST stay backstage during the show. You may NOT check your performer out at Intermission. You are REQUIRED to attend BOTH show days, unless your performer is in Combo (2.5-5 year old classes) Combo classes only perform 1 day, unless you would like to perform both.