Julie McPheron, Owner  
Darcy Marocki, Director

Susan Riley, Operations Manager

Lea Beal, Office Staff
Linda Acklin, Office Staff
Danielle Kennedy, Snazzy Dancewear Manager

Darlene Reid, After School Coordinator

Our Studio

Ages: Children and Adults 5 years and older

Levels: 1,2,3,4,5

Duration: 30 minutes

Each week in Turns and Tricks we alternate what we are focusing on. One week we will be focusing on the techniques of balance, proper alignment, as well as many different types of turns. The next week we focus on all different types of tricks such as floor tricks, partner tricks, control, flexibility, and strength. These weeks continue to alternate during the season giving you 2 Turns classes and 2 Tricks classes each month. This is an extra class to help with all styles of dance!

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